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WCS News

  • Special thanks to all the donations we have received this year! 

  • Ways you can help us:

    • Donating disposable gloves​

    • Cleaning supplies

    • Cases of water (for students)

    Young children should be coming to school with increased outerwear—particularly hats, gloves, and coats.


Dates to Remember

November 16    JK to 8 Parent-Teacher Interviews begin today

November 18    University of Waterloo Math contest

November 26    Casual Day (Academy and Collegiate)

November 27    P.A. Day: No Classes

November 30    End of term one for high school. Term One report cards follow in early December.

December 2     Graduation Photographs

Who We Are

Whitefield Christian Schools comprises two schools: the Academy (JK to grade 8) and the Collegiate (grade 9-12). Whitefield has served the Christian community for 30 years and has  emphasized the preeminence of the Lord Jesus Christ in every aspect of the curriculum. Whitefield's motto is "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33). Whitefield is dedicated, by means of a quality Christian education, to help each student to reach his/her spiritual, moral, academic, and physical potential. The Collegiate is registered with and inspected by the Ministry of Education in Ontario.


Whitefield operates as a "relay team" from JK to grade 12 and has been graduating students since 1999. Students have enjoyed equal opportunity at Ontario's universities and colleges, as well as those in other provinces and countries. Whitefield is currently serving second generation families of former students and graduates.


The Whitefield teaching staff are a highly motivated, dedicated, and well-trained group of individuals who go beyond their duty regularly to ensure that every student is well-equipped for post-secondary education and life. Mentoring, challenging, guiding, and leading by example are daily characteristics of Whitefield staff.


Some of the benefits of Whitefield:

  • modern, well-equipped facilities, including a double gym, science, music, and art labs

  • ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) member school

  • SSAF (Small School Athletic Federation) member for high school sports

  • affordable tuition

  • low student-teacher ratio

  • significant range of course options in high school

  • 8-acre property with large green space

  • high standard of academics and discipline

  • multi-cultural balance

  • 30 years of experience in education

  • Before and After School Club


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