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Our Staff Vision

All of our staff members, including clerical and custodial staff, as well as assistants and volunteers, are committed believers in Jesus Christ. Each is convinced that Christian education is an effective means whereby Christian families can be assisted in their God-given mandate to raise their children in the ways of the Lord (Deut.6). Teachers partner with parents for the spiritual, academic, mental, physical, and emotional training of their children.

Primary & Junior

Collegiate & Rotary Teachers

Grade 4 / Rachel Heineman

Grade 5 / Binusha Thangarajah
Grade 6 / Cara Bae
Grade 7 / Robin Bowler
Grade 8 / Elisa Bentley

Lanting, Debbie

Mikelait, Murray

Olson, Daniel

Rajaratnam, Jonathan
Springer, Shari
Teloniatis, Ignatios

JK / Rhoda Nebitko

SK / Grace Newell
Grade 1 / Tammy Kruger

Primary Department Supervisor |

Grade 2 / Shannon Jogaratnam
Grade 3 / Christina Scott

Bae, Cara

Bartz, Jesse

Bentley, Blake

Bershadsky, Diana

Emmanuel, Julia

Elliott, Cristina

Academic Supervisor

Hudson, Garfield
Iosifelis, Katrina

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