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Donating to Whitefield

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1 | One-Time Donation

You may have heard of a need in our weekly parent memo or have a desire to give back after having attended Whitefield yourself! Either way, these funds will go to where they are needed the most at the time of donation.

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2 | Monthly Options

If you have it on your heart to donate on a regular basis, this option is available to you! Check the box indicating you would like to donate monthly and we will be in touch.

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3 | Specific Contribution

Whether you have a soft-spot for the science lab or some special equipment in mind for the music department, indicate where you would like your monetary funds to go in the "Further details" box!

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School Bus Fundraiser

🚌 Join Our Journey to Empower Student Adventures: Support Our Sports & Field Trip Bus Fund! 🚌


We're thrilled to introduce our Sports & Field Trip Bus Fund, and we need your support to make it a reality. This fund will ensure our students have the means to embark on exciting adventures, explore the world beyond the classroom, and create lasting memories.


Why Our Sports & Field Trip Bus Matters:

  1. Elevate Sportsmanship: Our school bus is the key to transporting our student athletes to games, tournaments, and competitions, giving them the chance to demonstrate their sportsmanship and dedication.

  2. Enrich Educational Experiences: Field trips are more than just outings; they're an extension of the classroom. Our bus will help students explore history, nature, culture, and more, broadening their horizons.

  3. Unity and Friendship: The bus becomes a hub of camaraderie and friendship, strengthening the bonds among our students as they journey together to exciting destinations.

  4. Accessible Opportunities: The bus ensures that all students, regardless of their location, can participate in extracurricular activities, broadening their educational experiences.


🌟 How You Can Be an Essential Part of This Adventure: 🌟

  • Donate Today: Your generous contribution, no matter the amount, will help us acquire the bus we need to empower student adventures.

  • Sponsor a Seat: Consider sponsoring a seat on the bus in your name or in honor of a loved one. It's a memorable way to leave a lasting legacy.

  • Spread the Word: Share our campaign within the school community, among friends, family, and neighbors to help us reach our goal faster.

  • Get Involved: Volunteer your time, skills, or resources to support our fundraising efforts. Every hand and heart can make a significant difference.

🚍 Let's Drive Together Towards Exciting Adventures! 🚍

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